Let’s just say that The Martin Smith Band is not what some people would consider to be a “typical” blues band. Their music is inspired by a deep love of the blues – but also borrows deeply from the blues’ close cousin “soul” and isn’t afraid to venture into that territory where “blues” and “jazz” meet. That makes for a musical cocktail that touches the soul, excites the ears and moves the feet.

You’ll find this in the material the band chooses to cover – which can range from B.B. King to Steely Dan – and in their own material, which has blues at the heart but seeks inspiration from across genres.

For blues venues and festivals, The Martin Smith Band present a refreshing and exciting take on the genre. They also engage well with broader audiences and venues that might typically enjoy soul, jazz or classic rock.

Martin Smith has been a musician and vocalist from his early teens…. and that is quite a long time now!   The son of a trumpet playing father (who shared the stage with Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Billy Cotton and more) and vocalist mother (who sang with Joe Loss),  music truly runs in his veins.

Martin has performed in blues, jazz and rock venues internationally and worked as a session musician.  Drawing inspiration from artists such as Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, B.B. King, Carlos Santana, George Benson, Sam Cooke and more,  Martin takes his love and knowledge of blues, soul, jazz, rock and latin music to create his own trademark sound. With background as an actor and musical theatre performer,  Martin is also a natural showman who builds a natural rapport with audiences and always looks to entertain.

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